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Questions tagged [thirdpartyapps]

For questions related to third party apps in elementary OS

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Freezing & nonresponsive after starting Zoom video chat

I am using Zoom video chat and it works well except that every time I start a video call or join an existing one, Zoom and all other applications freeze and become unresponsive for a period of about 2 ...
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Beginner help installing Sophos antivirus package on elementary os Loki

I've downloaded the free Sophos antivirus package for Linux (is this a good antivirus for eOS Loki?). However, I'm still a beginner and I don't know how to install it. I extracted the package in the ...
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Messenger for Desktop is not working (Loki)

I installed messenger for desktop .deb package (downloaded it from its official site). When I open it, it tries to update javascript and whatever option (update, cancel, close) I choose it does not ...
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Auto switch to dark theme and back in apps and browser

I have eOS 6 Odin installed. On Windows I have the auto switch for dark and light themes. Along with this, all the apps that have option for switching between themes also changing their themes ...
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Can't complete installation of an application after getting error on first attempt

While installing Libreoffice from Flathub, i had to suspend my PC for sometime and this abruptly ended the installation. When i tried to install again, it showed me an error message. Later when I ...
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How can I draw basic 3d with Vala?

I'd like to make a visualizer in Vala for EOS. The first chunk I'd like to achieve is drawing a rotating red cube. I tried valadoc for "3d" and "gpu" but it only came up with non-...
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Can I upload an app which is not built using vala?

Is it necessary for a developer to upload an app written in vala only? Can't it be something c++ or python to be uploaded on Elementary's app store? I really want to contribute for them but don't want ...
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How to provide icons and notification control for snap apps?

I downloaded Spotify app via snaps and it doesn't show up in app list. Notifications also fall under "other" category. I searched that to add an application icon, I should add .desktop file ...
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Putting Telegram in background

big noob here I recently installed Telegram via Flathub to have the updates because the version of the app center is old. However, when i close the app, it can't have the notifications when I recive ...
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I cant install zip (.tar) files using desktop from other Linux Ubuntu downloads

My problem is the following Who knows how? I'm not talking about the Elemementary App Store downloads. I mean programs from other official sites like for Epson printer drivers and scanners, where ...
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