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about changing the appearance of elementary OS and its applications. For questions about functionality, use application-specific tags.

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How to increase wingpanel icon size

I have a 15.6 inch display, which has default resolution of 1920x1080, and the wingpanel indicator icons looks a bit small to me. This is a known issue for displays that have a non-standard DPI value,...
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Edge not retaining theme settings properly after GTK theme experimentation

I recently experimented with various GTK themes using Tweaks on my elementary OS laptop. Since then, I've been encountering an issue with Microsoft Edge where it fails to retain its theme correctly. I ...
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Why is Dark Mode via Elementary Tweaks not working?

Dark mode is toggled on with the GUI (see picture) and I've also tried system-wide commands that should of also made everything switched to dark mode, but no luck so far.
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Prefer dark variant support for Flatpak sideloaded apps in Hera

I'm running Elementary OS for some years now (since Freya) as my main OS and currently I'm on Hera (with the latest updates). Recently I decided to switch some applications that I was installing from ...
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I messed up with /usr/share/themes/

I deleted all the folders in /usr/share/themes/ leaving just /elementary/ and now the default theme doesn't work properly. How can I restore /usr/share/themes/?
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Greeter Font and Session Chooser

On Juno is there a way to change the Pantheon-greeter font? I tried various things in /etc/lightdm/* and /usr/share/lightdm/* but nothing seemed to affect the font. gsettings didn't find anything ...
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Change title bar color of some apps

is it possible to change the title bar of some apps to dark specifically sublime text 3? and how? I tried using gtk-theme-variant-switcher but it doesn't work with the latest EOS. There's also an ...
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Font in power/battery/wifi/applications has fuzzy shadow with OSX-Arc-White theme

I'm not sure how to explain this since I'm extremely new to using Linux, but after looking around for themes, I found OSX-Arc-White to be the exact theme I've wanted. The only issue is, the fonts in ...
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How do I install the elementary OS 5.0 theme to flatpak?

Applications installed via flatpak use the default bundled theme and it cannot access the system-installed themes. As a workaround, they allow extensions(?) is what I think they're called so I can ...
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Wingpanel going transparent on its own

I prefer wingpanel not being transparent, and have set org.pantheon.desktop.wingpanel.use-transparency to false. Several times recently, and just after running updates today, my wingpanel became ...
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Change font colour on dark variant of Elementary theme

I am looking for a dark theme for Elementary OS Loki. I couldn't find anything better than the default theme with dark variant, but it has one problem: when I switch to categorized app view in menu, ...
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Is it possible to change the window border color of terminal in freya?

I just want to make the vim a.txt to black and the background color of the title bar and the tab bar to silver.
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How to integrate FocusWriter into the elementary OS theming?

I use FocusWriter as my prefered distraction free writing editor. I installed it using the developer's ppa:gottcode/gcppa ppa. Being a Qt application, by default FocusWriter does not use the ...
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Themes no longer applied to Wingpanel menus and certain default apps

I recently installed some OS updates through AppCenter and both my OS (GTK) theme and icon theme aren't applied to the Wingpanel and its menus anymore. Some (not all) default apps are also showing the ...
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Set Visual Studio Code to use Dark Theme

Is it possible to force vs code someway to use dark mode on its title bar, alerts, etc? I installed it as a snap. (I've read about wanting devs to opt-in to the new dark theme implementation, but ...
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Auto switch to dark theme and back in apps and browser

I have eOS 6 Odin installed. On Windows I have the auto switch for dark and light themes. Along with this, all the apps that have option for switching between themes also changing their themes ...
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libreoffice themes in elementary os problem?

How do you get libreoffice writer to look good, I got the elementary OS style sheet and icons but it looks pretty ordinary, the galaxy icon set is an improvement but still looks ugly. Any help? Thx
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Broken theme, icons and shortcuts

So I logged in and this is what I have. I don't have any clue why this happening. The GTK theme are like Adwaita, the icons are Adwaita too, the shortucts don't work... ...even that Debian logo is ...
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File Manager Blank Screen On Create New Folder or File

This happens most often than not. Whenever I create a new folder or file in the File Manager, the whole file manager goes blank. I mean all the existing listing disappears including the one that I ...
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How do I make customizations to elementary OS Loki?

I guess the elementary-tweaks project is shut down and won't be getting any updates. Is there any alternative to make customizations on various fronts to the brand new elementary OS Loki?
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