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Is there a scaffolding for elementary OS app unit testing?

I'm trying to learn to make applications with vala, and i'm fond of test driven developpement. But i can't find any example of real tested code in vala, envelope has one Unit Test, but i don't manage ...
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How can I test the new 'recent' feature in Files?

As Daniel Foré announced in this post on Google+, a new 'Recent' view has been added to Files, at least in the daily ppa, but though I do run daily on my system, this update never showed up for me. ...
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How can I test the new indicators?

I saw the screenshots of new indicators in Daniel's Google+, how can I install them? Screenshots:
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How can I test the new "Open File" dialog? [closed]

How can I activate the new open file dialog in files? As shown below:
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