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Hera: Intel 1065G7 Stuck Low Clock Speed @ Low Temps

I have a fresh install of Hera and noticed when I was running a single threaded application that the clock speed of my Intel 1065G7 processor doesn't go above 1300 MHz ever. My temps are 55 C Maximum ...
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Fan control in HP folio 13 with coolsense for windows installed

I have a HP laptop which has the coolsense software installed. I haven't found information about if elementary OS has this type of software or similar to avoid high temperature in the machine. Anyone ...
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Laptop HDD runs very hot (even in idle state)

I wanted to ask about this because it didn't happened to me before with other linux distributions (i.e Fedora or Mint) For whatever reason the HDD in the laptop runs very hot, so hot that is really ...
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Why heated notebook?

Why is my notebook very hot? I installed the driver for Nvidia, but nothing changed. Ubuntu has a temperature of 40-50C with the driver and 70-80C without the driver. Terminal: sergey@sergey-Aspire-...
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Help determining CPU temperature?

I've installed lm-sensors. I ran sensors-detect and said yes to each question. Here is the result: # sensors-detect revision 6170 (2013-05-20 21:25:22 +0200) # Board: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. ...
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Lenovo Ideapad y510p overheats on Freya [duplicate]

I noticed recently a rather low performance in 3D games that are usually very little demanding for my machine, such as Team Fortress. This game can be run with no issues using only one of the GPUs, ...
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How to display CPU-Temperature in Wingpanel?

Or other sensor values. An iMac has also an Ambient Temperature Sensor for example. (what sensor is what?)
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