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For questions about using elementary OS on thin, portable, touchscreen computers.

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Gaomon S620 configuration?

eOS Hera, I have the following problem: The graphics tablet (256c:006d) works in principle, but since I use two monitors, drawings are heavily distorted. I can not configure the tablet because the ...
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How do I install a Huion 1060+ on Loki?

I need some help installing a Huion graphic tablet on Loki. elementary OS does have some wacom tablet settings, but when I plug my Huion, nothing happens — I mean, it reads its memory card, but when I ...
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How can I disable Display Touchscreen Gestures on X1 Yoga Convertible (Stylus use)?

How can I disable Display Touchscreen Gestures for my Thinkpad Lenovo X1 Yoga (1st Gen) (I do not mean the Mouse-Touchpad)? e.g. If I am in tablet mode, I use two fingers and swipe up to get to the ...
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3 answers

Will there be tablet support?

Are there any plans for tablet support? You can add swipe, long press, right mouse button, scrolling, modify the keyboard...
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Elementaryos Hera (5,1) how to disable tablet mode in login screen

Recently I installed elementaryos Hera to my dell inspiron 5378 which is a 2 in 1 laptop. Whenever I unlock my pc, my pc is in tablet mode in most of the time which disables the keyboard and sometimes ...
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elementary OS 5.0 Juno graphic tablet support

I hope this finds you well I am currently running a dual boot system with linux elementary OS 5.0 Juno and windows 10. However each OS is on a different drive since my laptop has too drives. I also ...
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2 answers

Does anyone know how to get an XP-Pen Star 06 tablet working on Ubuntu/elementaryOS or Linux?

I'm trying to get this (XP-PEN Star 06) tablet to work. I tried DiGiMend on github and installing their drivers etc... did not work. Here is my complete output for the tablet. https://pastebin.ubuntu....