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Load CalDav on Elementary OS 6

I am trying to load my Google CalDav on Elementary OS 6.1 however I keep getting a 401 error when trying to load it using online accounts. Any idea if its broken or if I am doing it wrong. I do have ...
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"Gestures" plug not showing in switchboard

Recently, I found out that the Gestures settings has gone from the elementary os settings app. I booted from the live usb to recheck that but found out that was still there in live usb but not in my ...
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Can't see sound settings on Loki after upgrading from AppCenter

AppCenter were indicating for months that there was an update for ibus and gir. I never use the AppCenter so I continued to use my bash alias to update the system: alias upd8="sudo apt update &&...
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switchboard-plug-gcc-sound - "unmet dependencies"

Sorry to bring this up after ~3 years, but I'm stuck on the suggested solution: I have a similar issue, but when I'm running this: sudo apt install switchboard-plug-gcc-sound I get this: The ...
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Issue installing switchboard-plugin-keyboard

I'm having an issue with getting the keyboard plugin to work in switchboard. I've installed both switchboard and switchboard-plugin-keyboard via the terminal with the commands - sudo apt install ...
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How to make Mailspring default mail app?

I installed the snap version of Mailspring (using Snaptastic), but during install the .desktop file for some reason wasn't copied to /usr/share/applications/ or ~/.local/share/applications/ . I did ...
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How to configure nightlight to run for the whole day?

What values should the "From" and "To" fields have in manual mode to run it for the whole day? I tried 12:00AM to 12:00AM which did not work. I then tried 12:00AM to 11:59PM, but the "To" field keeps ...
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System Settings for Sound and Color are freezing

In my elementaryOS Loki installation, the System Settings are freezing, when I try to enter Color or Sound Settings. What could be the problem?
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What are the Switchboard Plugs URIs?

I need to launch Switchboard Plugs directly from command line. What are the settings:// URIs of the Switchboard plugs?
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Will the Preferences URL Specification pose a security threat?

Re: your posting Switchboard "use of URLs" (link follows this comment) I am concerned that Switchboard's "open/extendible" approach could be or become Elementary's 'Achilles heal'. How can the URL ...
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Bug? - Wallpaper thumbnails not shown (settings/switchboard) [closed]

I have an issue on Loki where in the settings/switchboard menu under "system settings/desktop/wallpaper" where the thumbnail previews are not displayed; i an still change the wallpaper however. Not a ...
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How to use media shares in loki

After enabling media shares in switchboard, I would expect to see my machine in the networks section in pantheon-files on another eOS loki machine in my network. I cannot find it anywhere. How do I ...
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How do I set gvim as the default editor in loki?

I've compiled vim from source following these instructions (except I did not specify a prefix to install it to the default location viz. /usr/local) and also ran the following: sudo update-...
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System Settings won't open – Gdk-ERROR **: The program 'switchboard' received an X Window System error

I'm having trouble opening System Settings. I get this error code when I try and run switchboard in the terminal (as it won't open by clicking): (switchboard:16560): Gdk-ERROR **: The program '...
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