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2 answers

Videos Won't Display Subtitles

Even though i add subtitle files (.srt) from external subtitles menu, the app won't display subtitles. How can I make the videos app display the subtitles?
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1 answer

Context menu to download subtitles in Pantheon Files

Is there a tool that can be added to Pantheon Files context menu for the purpose of downloading video subtitles?
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3 votes
1 answer

Subtitle not shown in Videos

Is it a bug or is it a video card driver problem? If the latter what is my best option having an Asus notebook with Geforece 540m and an intel HD 3000. (Yes I have optimus). Nvidia prime doesn't ...
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How to install VLC 2.0.8

With new version of VLC you cannot automatically download the subtitles. The only solution is to install vlc-2.0.8: I get the source file from here. The I run tar xf vlc-2.0.8.tar.xz after running ...
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How do I turn off subtitles in Audience/Videos?

Subtitles are in an external file. I can change the file, but can't find a 'no subtitles' option.
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