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HTML files not loading properly because of run/user temporary storage

I created a new folder and have a couple of html files and an image. I referenced the image (image.jpg) in my html file (image.html). But the image doesn't load when I open the html page The actual ...
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Icons not showing

I am using elementary os 6.1. When my storage became full then most of icons disappeared. Now I have remove some stuff and freed some space but my icons still not showing. Here are some screenshots
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connecting to NAS (again...) mount at boot

Linux is driving me nuts again... I have already one EOS6 with NAS mounting at boot, no problem at all. Now I am doing another EOS6 install (same PC, same NAS, another SSD). Copied everything as per ...
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What are these files in my Home Directory?

I was cleaning up my home directory to free up some storage space, I came across these files are they safe to delete? ubuntu64 ubuntu64.1 Ubuntu64.2 Ubuntu64.3 When you check the file properties it ...
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Flatpak is getting a lot of storage

As I remember, eOS5 was such a gracious operating system that you could rely on for doing any kind of daily work. Odin is better for sure but some things like Flatpak are annoying. I installed Odin ...
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How to store data from a ListModel?

Is there some sort of standard or commonly-used way to store data in elementary apps? I currently have a bunch of GObjects contained in a ListModel and would like to persist that to the disk and ...
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All my files under my HDD is read-only

can anyone help to fix my hdd. All the access is read-only after I reboot my laptop. I already tried to change the ownership and owner but still, I cannot save anything because all my files are read-...
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Less disk space than provided by dual boot

Sorry for the vague title, couldn't think of anything better. I've bought a laptop about a month ago with Windows 10 pre-installed on it. Then I had decided to install elementaryOS alongside it. ...
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How can I use onedrive in elementary

I want use onedrive as my cloud storage, I've found this ( on the web but the program doesn't support elementary OS. If i could not find a way, I ...
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Attempting to install Realtek Card Reader Drivers

I'm completely new to elementary OS and Linux in general, I've managed to overcome a few issues so far but this one has me stumped, despite googling all manner of solutions. I believe (from the ...
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How to configure a Software RAID?

What graphical tool can I use to configure for example 2 HDDs in a RAID 1?
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Partitions on a SSD + HDD setup

In the next week I will get a SSD for my notebook at work. This will be my first SSD and it will have a capacity of 256GB (maybe even ~500GB). At the moment I have a 1TB HDD and ~300GB in use. I will ...
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How can I format a USB flash drive?

How can I format my USB drive? Are there tools to format it or do I have to manually delete all files on my USB drive?
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