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What's the advantage to using sideload over flatpak over the appcenter?

For example, LibreOffice is available from So, I can install it with sideload. But I can also install it via the appcenter (flatpak search, strangely enough, doesn't find it). Which of ...
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Error with uninstalling Eclipse SDK when it is bugged

Backstory: I installed Eclipse SDK as in Windows 10, I use this software and use it. Eclipse broke and I wanted to reinstall. But uninstalling resulted in an error. Problem: I wanted to uninstall the ...
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Flatpak and Sideload possible serious bug

Just wanted to post that in my experience with Sideload and flatpakref files, I am not being asked to escalate privileges in order to install. Is this by design?
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Using the SIdeload app to install .flatpakref files stuck at Preparing screen during installation

When using Sideload to install any *.flatpakref file that is downloaded from the Flathub site(clicking on Install), the installation is stuck at the preparing screen. ( this issue is specifically ...
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Flatpak support not enabled

After enabling flatpak by default (as proclaimed by the elementary team) my AppCentre still does not recognize flatpak apps as it should. Do I need to do something here, or is it a bug? Can I know ...
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