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Network Sharing

I And My Friend Both Have eOS installed And We Want To Enable Network Sharing So We Can Access each other's files. Since We Both Are New To eOS We Don't Know How To Do That Can Any One Please Explain ...
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Anyone got autofs work with Elementary OS?

I'm trying to get autofs work with nfs shares with no luck. I can mount them myself, but autofs do not work. Used settings from that help.
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Access to iPod musics

I am trying to access my music in iPod touch but I can access only photos and documents. I can see to iPod using "Pantheon" and "Clementine" but I can not find any music using them. How do I get to ...
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Pantheon-files asks me for a password to access unprotected SMB shares

I used the right-click menu on a Windows 10 computer in order to share a folder on my local network. I set that share to "Everyone" and also disabled password-protected sharing via the Windows Control ...
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Private directory gets unmounted on every login

Sup people! Since a few weeks now, I noticed that, every time I log into my eOS machine via ssh, my private directory (~) is unmounted. Meaning there is nothing but two files, namely Access-Your-...
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I couldn't find the Bluetooth settings in loki

I wanted to connect by headphones to my laptop using Bluetooth but i can't find the Bluetooth settings in the system settings. Even when i toggle the Bluetooth from wingpanel i couldn't find my ...
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to share videos stored on my sd card to smartv "do not appear"

Do not appear the videos are stored to my SD card when I try to share by using sharing the Media library that comes by default in the system. change the route but do not appear with the titles ...
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Bluetooth issue [duplicate]

I have an issue with sharing option of bluetooth. I can send files from my pc to my phone, but not form my phone to my pc. My phone tell me that my pc don't accept any tranfered file. I have ...
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Sharing files linux to linux, or linux to windows

How do you share files in elementary OS? What is the install procedure for Samba? I cannot see elementary OS on my network at all, Linux or Win Really need to be able to stream content from Win to ...
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System Settings Sharing [duplicate]

When Click Sharing in Network & Wireless, system settings to force quit?
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