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Is it possible to have a separate vanilla GNOME session?

I'd like to be able to run the Pantheon DE and vanilla GNOME Shell side-by-side, with my DE of choice being simply a log-in option. Is that possible?
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Hera: wingpanel-indicator-session freezes for a long time the first time I click on it

After I login to my elementary Hera install, I'm able to do most tasks normally, including using indicator panels on wingpanel. However, as soon as I try to click on the session indicator to logout/...
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1 answer

Elementary OS logout bug

I don't know why, but my ElementaryOS logout, when I open same applications. I just installed the operating system on my computer, update the system normally and then it started to fail. It's my first ...
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Elementary OS 5.1 Hera (based Ubuntu 18.04) automatic logout session occasionally

occasionally my pc with elementary os 5.1 (based on Ubuntu 18.04) makes automatic logout session. This problem comes up, after minutes, when I change virtual desktop (ex. clicking on telegram notify ...
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2 answers

How can I save the state of open windows when I reboot?

On macOS the locations of windows, running apps, and current working directory for each tab of Terminal (not to mention the terminal size and colors) is saved and restored across reboots. It looks ...
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How to prevent shutdown or reboot when another session is open

We have a computer running elementary OS Loki. Several users have access to this computer and there are usually two or more GUI sessions open at the same time. The problem is that any user can ...
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elementary OS lock screen configuration

I would like to set the elementary OS lock screen back. I made a miss installation of unity and when a came back by uninstalling it I found the regular login screen again: (Regular elementary OS ...
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