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How can I make the scrollbars thicker - in Loki?

I'd like to make the scrollbars wider on Loki (I assume that is the latest version of elementaryOS), but the thread mentioned below suggests that the solution varies according to the version of ...
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Horizontal scrolling

I would like to be able to scroll horizontally with my mouse wheel and holding something like Alt. I have had to resort to making the scrollbars fat and fugly in the meantime. Running elementary OS 0....
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7 votes
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Why are the scroll bars thin?

I can't wrap my head around the design decision to use over sized icons and tiny scroll bars in the same space. The scroll bars can be hard to grab and sometimes it takes more than one try to use them....
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How can I make the scrollbars thicker?

I've been using the thin scrollbars for many months now but still haven't gotten used to them. Is there a way to make them look and behave like classic scrollbars, i.e. thick and directly grab-able?
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How can I change Chrome scrollbars to the thin scrollbars?

The default scrollbars do not properly integrate into the elementary OS design.
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