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Multiple displays and resolution

I downloaded and tried Odin but could not set resolution for my laptop + external monitor correctly. Here's the deal: Laptop display is 4K External monitor is FHD No matter what I tried, I got ...
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Will fractional scaling happen in Elementary 6?

Will fractional scaling like 1.5 and 1.25 come with base 6 updates? Because Elementary cannot be used on devices with a resolution of 2160 x 1440 (3:2). Changing dconf-editor and font sizes does ...
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Citrix and hidpi scaling

I have posted similar questions about Hidpi scaling in past, and despite the best efforts here; nothing worked, and therefore, elementary OS is kept as a interest. when i connect to Epic Citrix ...
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I just installed elementary OS and everything was working, but now display scaling is messed up

As mentioned everything was working fine, but then I tried mirror display and the scaling went bad. Now I can't access the setting to undo it because it's at the bottom of the window and won't fit in ...
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Scalling in 5.1 Hera

I would like to make my interface scaling 125% Please let me know how to do this correctly, completely and permenantly. I saw a few posts on using xrandr, but I tried that and it did not work. ...
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