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how to remote desktop from windows using rdp

Trying to remote from windows to the linux box. After entering username and password the rdp session disconnects and throws me out back to windows
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Is elementary OS "ready for prime time?"

I'm considering installing eOS 5.1 (hera) on a Dell server. I don't want to go down the path of wiping everything on my disks and then discovering that there are incompatibilities. I already did ...
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XRDP Elementary 5.1

Has anybody got xrdp to work with 5.1 and if so how? I've tried: apt install xrdp apt install xorgxrdp-hwe-18.04 ufw allow 3389/tcp And all I get is a blank screen. I can get xrdp to work on other ...
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remina pulldown menu not present

after using remina (RDP app) for a while in full screen mode ... the pulldown menu stops working in Loki .... I dont know if this is a remina or Loki bug or maybe something else entirely ... any ideas ...
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RDP or VNC to Loki [duplicate]

Has anyone successfully configured Elementary OS Loki for RDP or VNC? I really like Elementary OS and would like to use it for my headless development environment and keep the desktop Pantheon ...
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How to connect to elementary OS using rdp client (remmina)?

I am going to rebuild my box at work. I want to use elementary. I currently am using Ubuntu LTS and I know that it is a PITA to configure for that (need to use a different desktop). Is it possible to ...
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