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How to boot/install on raspberry pi

I'm trying to install on raspberry pi 4. I have 8gb RAM and 128gb micro sd card. I verified the download, used etcher to install on mirco sd card. I insert the micro sd card and turn on the pi and it ...
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Night Light on Raspberry Pi

Is Night Light expected to work on Raspberry Pi with recent elementary OS 6.0 (Odin) builds? Mine has never worked. Just wondering if this is expected to be fixed by the final release or if there’s a ...
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Raspberry Pi 4 Wifi not connecting with USB 3 SSD

I am currently running the early access OS 6 on a Raspberry Pi 4 with the Argon One M.2 case, and booting from the M.2 SSD. When I have the SSD connected to either USB 3 port of the Pi, then I cannot ...
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