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Questions tagged [qt]

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6 votes
3 answers

How to set Qt style to default?

I installed Telegram messenger from ppa:atareao/telegram (Source: Web Upd8). Telegram messenger is a Qt app. elementary OS seem to set the Qt style to Windows instead of default. This results in the ...
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1 answer

How to use the compose key in Qt apps?

In elementary OS 0.4 Loki the compose key work in the stock applications but not in the Qt/KDE ones (such as Anki). Is there a way so that the input method configured in System Settings can be used in ...
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How to adapt the Elementary Look & Feel in Qt-written apps?

I was wondering, how an app which uses Qt for its GUI can be adapted to the Elementary Look & Feel. I know that elementary-specific apps are typically written in Vala, where, according to the docs,...
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2 answers

Some emojis are black and white in Anki (qt programme) instead of colored like in other applications

Both programmes are configured to use the Roboto font. (Code uses Roboto Mono - but I've checked with Roboto Regular as well) If it's helpful, in Firefox some look right, like the exclamation mark, ...
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2 answers

VLC Player; User Interface completely altered because Qt scaling is broken

Just installed VLC from the Elementary appstore. The user interface shows huge buttons, very small text font, and over-sized menu windows. Can it be fixed?
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1 vote
0 answers

How to integrate FocusWriter into the elementary OS theming?

I use FocusWriter as my prefered distraction free writing editor. I installed it using the developer's ppa:gottcode/gcppa ppa. Being a Qt application, by default FocusWriter does not use the ...
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Anaconda Navigator installed successfully but not opening in Elementary OS Hera. How can we resolve this?

I installed anaconda navigator and it installed successfully too. But when I write anaconda-navigator in terminal and press enter, the following screen comes but the anaconda-navigator does not start: ...
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Korganizer looks stranger on elementary OS

The calendar folder in the lower left corner looks like this which makes me uncomfortable,but it appears right in kde. So do I need to install some dependences ? Thx.
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