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Questions tagged [programming]

Questions about scripting, and writing in any language that relates to elementary OS, for example BASH, Vala and QT.

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Can I use Pantheon-Files FileChooserDialog module from custom FileChooserDialog Object?

I want to use the new Pantheon-Files FileChooserDialog module, but it doesn't seem to work when creating my own widget based on Gtk.FileChooserDialog (like seen below). Is there anyway for me to be ...
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What can i do to increase my skills in programming?

I am student. I have learned different languages including python, javascript, c++/c also some markup languages. What can i do to increase my skill and also can get experience regarding programming. ...
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elementary OS freezes randomly

I just installed elementary OS on my notebook and it's started randomly freeze. There was 50% of RAM available when it freezed. Any ideas? HP ProBook 650 G1
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