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default email client in elementary OS (formerly known as Geary)

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pantheon-mail horizontal elongation [closed]

Mail application gets elongated. And no email is readable due to less vertical space.
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Why Can't I Log In to Gmail with Geary or Mail?

When I tried to add my Gmail account, I was notified by Google with a message that follows: Sign-in attempt prevented Hi, Someone just tried to sign in to your Google Account from an app ...
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Change (or disable) spell checker language in Pantheon Mail [duplicate]

Is there a way to change the spell checking language in Pantheon Mail from English to German (or any other language for other users)? If not, is there a way to disable spell checking for Pantheon ...
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How to remove account from geary

I have logged into my gmail account from geary. When I tried to remove, I don't find any option to remove. I have only one account in geary. How to remove user acount(s) from geary?
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Geary Spelling Checker for Foreign Language

I was wondering if there is any way to get Geary to spell check in a foreign language. elementary OS - Freya; Geary version - 0.10.0; User level - Rookie.
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can I add a signature to mail in Elementary OS?

How can I add my signature to mail? I can't find any resource to add my signature under my emails messages.
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Can't save photos from email [closed]

Im not able save photos emailed to me. If I right click the photo the only option is to "select all". If I select all and right click to try to paste into the Pictures file there is no option to paste....
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How do I fix the error "couldn't find a place to store the pinned certificate"

Trying Elementary Hera - ran the email program, was told my mail server certificate was untrusted, got prompted to trust it, when I did so, there was a long delay after which the error Couldn't find ...
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Can't Use Default Mail Client. Am I Missing Something?

I'm having trouble with elementary OS' default email client where I can't even log in even after I carefully typed my email and password there. Am I missing something here? I already tried adding my ...
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How do I change the default SMTP setting in Mail after an account has been created?

First day using Elementary and I didn't change the default SMTP setting on a couple of accounts. Everything is grayed out in Mail, so I tried editing the .ini file in .local/share/pantheon-mail/ but ...
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Email client Gmail [duplicate]

The Email client included will not connect to Gmail if you have two factor authentication turned on. I says the account or password is wrong. Normally on other clients, a second screen comes up, and ...
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Pantheon-mail won't archive Gmail

Thank you for your help! I've linked my Gmail account with Pantheon-Mail on the latest Elementary OS. Emails download and I can send them no problem. My problem is that when I press A or archive, ...
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