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Questions tagged [package-management]

Tools for installing and maintaining software packages.

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Install R 3.6.3 on elementary OS: unmet dependencies

I couldn't find R or Rstudio on the built-in Elementary app store thingie, so I'm following instructions from the R project to install R in my new Elementary OS sandbox. sudo apt-get install r-base-...
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1 vote
0 answers

Can't see sound settings on Loki after upgrading from AppCenter

AppCenter were indicating for months that there was an update for ibus and gir. I never use the AppCenter so I continued to use my bash alias to update the system: alias upd8="sudo apt update &&...
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0 answers

Log jam with AppCenter

I have installed Loki 0.4 (64bit) and am running it successfully. However I am now experiencing problems downloading apps from the AppCenter. I successfully downloaded several apps, but now it seems ...
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GRUB packages removed during installation?

I'm not sure exactly why these packages were removed, unless for an upgrade. But this current installation of elementary OS that I'm running was finally installed after 2 failed attempts where grub ...
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Support for Ubuntu applications in Elementary

I am confused about support for applications packaged for Ubuntu, whether distributed directly by Ununtu or in third-party repositories, in Elementary OS. I have searched for LibreOffice and Firefox (...
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How do I install a newer version of a package on elementary-os?

elementaryos 5.1.4 Hera is based on ubuntu bionic (18.04) which contains zfsutils-linux at version 0.7.5. However I need version 0.8.0+ which introduces encryption. What is the proper way, to install ...
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3 answers

File manager deleted after update, now can't reinstall it (broken dependencies)

After a recent update and apt autoremove, the Elementary OS files app was somehow removed. I tried to reinstall it from the appstore, only for it to complain that tumbler and tumbler extras needed ...
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Error: could not find a distribution template for elementary/juno

I have a problem on my elementary os Juno. So when I want to add a ppa, it answers me : arthur@arthur:~$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mpstark/elementary-tweaks-daily Traceback (most recent call last): ...
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Package manager blocked

Since I had no answers writing in Portugese, I'll try to translate my problem to English. I am trying to update the system and some apps via AppCenter (I guessing the name of the store like ...
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1 answer

Can't upgrade my packages

Short version: I can't upgrade my packages (I'm using Elementary OS 0.4.1, based on Ubuntu - that's why I'm asking here). Long version: First step I try fetching package informations via sudo apt-...
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