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Zoom takes 90% cpu and cpu overheats and shutdown system

Here is my system config: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee USER@MYSYSTEM eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ------------------ eeeee eeeeeeeeeeee eeeee OS: elementary OS 6.1 ...
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Thinkpad L590 overheating problem!

I've used other Linux distros on my Thinkpad but non had this overheating problem when I using it. I've W10 on my machine too, but it's always cool. I've just installed tlp, and even tp_smapi (even it ...
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Is it possible to improve Battery life & Overheat?

I am concerned and really disappointed because battery consumption is much more higher than Windows 10 and heat from processor area is worrying and disturbing, same usage, web browsing. Elementary OS "...
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How heavy is elementary over classic ubuntu?

I feel that with all the additional apps pre-installed, and relying heavily on deriving elements from Ubuntu and Gnome, elementary must be heavy. So I would like to know an as-quantitative-as-...
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elementary OS heats my Dell Inspiron too much

I installed elementary OS on my Dell inspiron {2.3GHz i3, 2GB Ram}. Everything worked great but running elementary os heats my pc too much causing lots of power consumption. Any solution for ...
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