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Installed elementary OS 6 Odin on HP Elitebook 2570p. No WiFi. Broadcom BCM43228

So after trying to install different distros (Ubuntu Budgie 21.04, Pop OS 21.04) with no success, I decided to give elementary OS 6 a try (I had been running elementary OS 5.1). It installed, but the ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Compress and Extract options missing from Files with latest update

Just switched back to eOS to try eOS6, I've done two installs, and both times upon upgrading to the latest update, the Compress and Extract options are missing from right-click. Even double clicking ...
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1 answer

What should be done with boot partition for updated installation of elementary OS Odin

I have a dual boot system with following SSD disk partition : Boot partition ( /boot/efi ) : 100 MB linux root parition ( / ) : 100 GB Windows install dir : 150 GB Windoes dir : ...
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