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Can't wake up from sleep

As i said in the title, i can't wake my laptop from sleep. All i after waking up the pc is a black screen with "_" not even blinking, but just static. When i try to press "CTRL + ALT + ...
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How to install nvidia drivers

I have an nvidia card and I'm not surge how to manage drivers on elementary OS. Is it enough to install the drivers that appear on AppCenter? I installed the 510 drivers before. Should I install the ...
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Is installing Nvidia proprietary drivers necessary?

I wonder if installing Nvidia proprietary drivers is a necessary step after installing Elementary OS 6. I've been using Nvidia drivers for quite a long time but always had trouble upgrading them, ...
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Black screen after update (Nvidia driver)

I did a system update on my elementary OS 6 Odin system with Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti. After a reboot I'm left with a black screen, unable to log in. Using Ctrl+Alt+F2 gets me into TTY2, but I am ...
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Black screen after Nvidia install

I installed the Nvidia 340 package from the store, then all i get is a black screen and thats it. is there a way to fix it? or to intall nvidia and make it work, my card is a Nvidia gtx 750 ti
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Nvidia-340 causes login loop on Odin final on MBP5,3

I've confirmed this behavior installing from both the final Odin .iso, and upgrading via meisenzahl's upgrade script: With nvidia-340 installed on my MBP5,3 (with an Nvidia GeForce 9400M & a ...
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external monitor shows only the mouse pointer

I connect the monitor to my laptop via an hdmi cable. The screen is completely black, but I can see and move the mouse freely, but only the mouse pointer that appears on the external monitor. Laptop ...
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No Nvidia "On-Demand" option in Elementary OS?

I just installed Elementary OS 5.1.7 Hera. I've been using Ubuntu before this and I had my Nvidia profile set as "On-Demand" to reduce power usage and save battery life. I prefer using the ...
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Difference between Nvidia normal drivers and server drivers?

What is the difference between server and non-server?
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Graphics glitch after unlock from lock screen

Anyone having Graphics glitch after unlocking from lock screen? This issue started just since last two days only, If I restart PC everything works perfectly until I lock the screen. I know this is ...
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GeForce GTX 965M - eOS 5.1.7 Hera - Freeze

My laptop keeps freezing after a few minutes of use, when selecting the dedicated Nvidia GPU, I am sudo lshw -c video ...
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Booting to blank screen eOS 5.1

When booting up my laptop from power off or hibernated state I am booted into a black screen with a small white under-score in the top left. Nothing proceeds to happen. To work around this I power ...
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How Can I Fix My Resolution After Installing Nvidia Drivers?

I have a GTX-1060 3gb graphics card and installed the nvidia-440 drivers through the terminal. After updating elementary the resolution became smaller and I could not change it back to 1920x1080. I ...
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nvidia-driver-440 very flakey on 5.3.0-28

Been going crazy with this since yesterday. I'm running a Geforce 710 using the nvidia-440 driver which I downloaded from the Ubuntu reps, and suddenly after about 3 hours of gaming yesterday, system ...
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`/var/log/syslog` grew to a very large size

I have faced this problem many times, where /var/log/syslog grew to a very large size, which made my elementary os black screen because the filesystem was full, I have found a solution to this problem,...
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