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Can't mount Windows 10 Partition on Loki

I've searched before posting this. The top answer was kind of my problem. I formatted and fresh installed Windows 10 (1803 version) then made a partition and installed Elementary OS. Everything works ...
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How to delete file that cannot be deleted on a NTFS partition

I have 2 files on my NTFS partition. One of them is 666 bytes and the other is 0 bytes. When trying to delete them it says that it does not exist I have tried the rm command from the terminal and it ...
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How can I access any files on NTFS partitions?

I have just installed elementary OS Freya 0.3.1 (32-bit) on the "E" drive. I also have Windows 8 installed in "C" drive. I cannot access any of my "C" and "D" drive files. Can you suggest me methods ...
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How to read and write HD formatted with NTFS elementary OS?

I hard drives formatted with NTFS Windows 10. I want to read and write to these drives with elementary OS. How can I do? NB: this solution don't work: How to setup your NTFS drives/partitions to ...
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How to setup your NTFS drives/partitions to mount on elementary OS startup?

I have installed elementary OS freya installed on a drive which also contains another ntfs partition which I would like to mount at system startup. Is there a way I can do this?
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