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Turn off night light via the terminal

I need to do this remotely on someone's computer using SSH, so would like to know if its possible via the terminal. I did try to use X11 over SSH, but I think it would crash because the setting is in ...
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Night Light on Raspberry Pi

Is Night Light expected to work on Raspberry Pi with recent elementary OS 6.0 (Odin) builds? Mine has never worked. Just wondering if this is expected to be fixed by the final release or if there’s a ...
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Night Light starts earlier than scheduled/set time

The nightlight appears to start earlier than the scheduled time. I set it to start at 2AM and end at 5AM but it started about 15 minutes earlier than 2AM. I am using elementaryOS 5.1 Hera. Also ...
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Night light sunrise/sunset not working

After a new clean installation of Juno I tried to enable Night light with the automatic sunrise/sunset timing. This did not work as expected. What did happen was, that night light kicked in only at ...
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2 answers

Night Light Is Not Working

I have installed elementary OS release-juno one week ago and i tried to enable night light but its not working, even in manual or sunset ~ sunrise time. how can i fix it ? did anyone else get this ...
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How to configure nightlight to run for the whole day?

What values should the "From" and "To" fields have in manual mode to run it for the whole day? I tried 12:00AM to 12:00AM which did not work. I then tried 12:00AM to 11:59PM, but the "To" field keeps ...
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Night mode not enabling

In Juno Beta 2 night mode worked as intended. I've performed a clean installation of the stable release, now night mode does not respond at all. Using an Inspiron 3558. I can see the night mode icon ...
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4 answers

Do you plan to develop Night Mode?

Do you plan to develop any blulight filter a.k.a. "Night mode"?
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