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Questions tagged [multimedia]

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2 answers

Music - PLaying online radios

I installed elementary OS couple of days ago and am really liking it. Thanks to the developer team for the great work. I want to listen online radio. I have downloaded .pls and .asx files from the ...
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1 answer

No artwork shown for media played through Chromium

When playing media from sites like on Chromium (Chrome) it's shown in the sound indicator, you see thing like the title and you can control the playback. But the icon is always the ...
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1 vote
0 answers

How to save alsamixer settings?

I asked this on reddit on r/elementaryos but it says there that this is the more appropriate forum for this sort of question: This is a pretty minor problem, but after I boot -- 32-bit eOS 0.3.2 on a ...
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Media keys stopped working after 7x upgrade

I'll have to test by booting an older live CD to confirm, but I'm pretty sure my media keys stopped working after the 7x Horus upgrade. They are actived via Fn-key combination strokes such as Fn-F10 ...
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Spotify does not quit properly and Album Art for Spotify Songs in Media Control missing

Problem 1: When closing Spotify, the music stops, but the windows doesn't quit. Clicking repeatedly gives me a "Force Quit" option, as Spotify has stopped responding. Problem 2: When ...
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