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Unlock session with connected monitor when the laptop lid is closed

Recently I got a ThinkPad T460S with Dell UltraSharp U2715H for working. I tried to work with the lid of the laptop closed and working with the monitor as the primary screen, it work great but when I ...
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How can I tell what is making Elementary Loki slow in my laptop (Intel Core i3, 4Gb RAM)

My Intel Core i3 computer gets slow sometimes, since I installed Loki. I'm quite a fan of Elementary OS and loved the way my laptop's performance improved with Luna and even better with Freya, but ...
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How Can I Monitor Internet Usage?

I need to know my bandwidth and consumed internet bandwidth and downloaded data size like that. I tried this, but its not getting total downloaded packs size. AskUbuntu
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How to check which application are using most resources?

How can I monitor which application are using most resources such as RAM and CPU? How do I disable them?
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