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Enhancing User Experience with Apps on Desktop

For about a week I've been searching alternatives to MacOS, trying several Linux distros and various combinations of VM's for both OS's -- installing apps from repositories and command-line -- ...
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Hiding titlebar in Firefox?

Why are both close and minimize icons both on the left? Is it possible to make minimize icon appear on the right?
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simple problem apps snapcraft - minimize buttons

compare the look of google chrome and vlc, visual studio code sure you already saw the minimize buttons in snapcraft applications vlc and vcode do not appear and also appear differently than chrome ...
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Some windows always start minimized. How to prevent it?

When I open a certain types of windows they start minimized. Most annoying are the flatpak "open file with" dialog (openning an email attachment in Evolution from Flathub), or Steam in-home streaming.
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Colored close/minimize/resize window icons

I'd like to change the window action icons (close, resize, minimize) to custom colored ones, but even when putting colored ones in usr/share/icons/action/symbolic, the system converts them into shades ...
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Firefox 65 gives a blank page when minimized/maximized

I might be in the wrong place and maybe should report this to Mozilla, but no one else seems affected by searching around, so I believe it might be elementary OS-specific. Since version 65, when you ...
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How I get minimize window active side?

I am so long time (like 1 years) using elementary OS 0.4.1 Loki for this I love here a settings (ACTIVE SIDE! MINIMIZE ACTIVE WINDOW OPTION!!) I loving this, but elementary OS 5.0 Juno don't have this ...
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How to minimize from active corners

I want to minimize a window through the active corners I only see that it can be done by means of a customized command, does anyone know what it would be? I would appreciate your help.
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Hotcorner for minimize current window

This used to be an option in System Settings > Desktop > Hot Corners I don't see it in Juno. Why was this removed? I love, love, love this feature and it is the first thing I activate on a new ...
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How to launch an app at startup in minimized mode?

I want to start the default mail application at startup in minimized mode. While the System settings app allows applications to be added to launch at startup, there is no option to start the specified ...
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How to minimize a window?

I'm new with elementary, and actually I don't find the way to minimize a windows, I only see a button to close a window and one to change the size. How can I minimize a window?
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How to replace just close minimize window icons?

I don't like those gray minimize maximize buttons (icons). How can I replace just them. I do not want to install a new theme just the buttons in standart elementary theme.
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Dconf Editor problem - no changes

As you can see in the picture below, I'm using Ubuntu with the Pantheon theme (from the Elementary OS). I can't seem to find an answer for my problem: I want to change the buttons (close, maximize and ...
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Close, minimize and maximize buttons not appearing in some apps

I have installed elementaryOS Loki and in some applications those buttons don't appear. They are still there, if I click where they are supposed to be I can close, minimize and maximize windows, but ...
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How to put minimize and maximize button in elementary os loki [duplicate]

I have been searching for a long time and a lot of people stated to go to appearance and windows cursor, but when I installed tweak tool I can't seem to find any of the "windows cursor" Please help ...
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How can I get a "minimize" button?

I am a long time Windows user and I cannot for the life of me understand the rational behind not having a minimize button. What is the reasoning for this decision? Is there a way to get a minimize ...
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Add icon to show desktop

I need the icon to minimize windows and show desktop. I can't find a decent guide. Can you help me?
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