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Why does the trash can in Plank open Code instead of Files?

(Left) Clicking on the trash can in Plank, or right clicking on it and selecting "Open Trash" opens Code--the text editor--instead of Files. My first thought was to check if any nonsense ...
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Icon cache problem after installing flatpak version of evince

I have installed the flatpak version of evince, and because it is the former elementary document viewer it looks like the flatpak version takes the responsability of creating thumbnails, but while I ...
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How can I set .kdenlive mime format icon on Elementary os?

I am using Kdenlive video editor but all my .kdenlive files are shown in Pantheon files with a blank icon. Googling arround and messing with the hicolor icon theme I have some results only if I change ...
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Can't get custom e-mail client to show up in default application selector

I use a nightly version of Thunderbird. Which means I have to use my own Desktop file if I want it to work properly (and not mess up everything). It currently looks like this: [Desktop Entry] ...
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How do reload the mime types after change .desktop file so Files know new app on "Open with" menu

I edited a .desktop (mtPaint) file to add missing mime types it can handle: MimeType=image/x-targa;image/x-tga;image/x-pcx;image/gif;image/png;image/x-xpixmap;image/x-xpm;image/tiff;image/tiff-fx;...
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File that handles raw thumbnails in Files

Where is the file that handles camera raw thumbnails in Files? I want to add a mimetype (image/x-sigma-x3f) and see what other adjustments I can make. (I don't think it's the file /usr/share/...
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How can I change the icon for a specific file type?

I have Guitar Pro installed on my system (no easy task, but that's another matter for another time), and have a ton of .gpx, .gp5, and .gp4 files that I use with the application. The file icons ...
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How to see the mime type of a file?

Nautilus has the option to see the mime-type of a file. Can I see that in elementary OS without Nautilus?
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