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LibreOffice is a third-party office suite that can be installed from the Software Center. It comes with its own word processor (Writer), spreadsheet tool (Calc), presentation tool (Impress), drawing package (Draw) and database manager (Base).

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Dark Mode on Libre Office from Ubuntu repo

How it's going on? I was having troubles with Libre Office from Flathub, so installed the one available on the Ubuntu repository. That being said, Libre Office is not absorbing elementaryOS dark mode. ...
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Offset on external display

I recently installed elementary OS Hera on a laptop that previously had KDE neon. A new issue has cropped up since changing distributions - there is a strange offset on external display for ...
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1 answer

Drop-down menus in some Applications have visual problems

Example Pictures: Have same problem in other apps like Gimp. What can I do to solve this problem? Thx
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Alt-Tab when LibreOffice is open causes OS to crash

I've been trying elementary OS, and is in fact the best Linux distribution. The only problem that I can report, and I haven't seen anyone complaining about it, is that LibreOffice Word is crashing ...
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Installed LibreOffice via apt, will AppCenter update it?

how it's going on? I installed LibreOffice via synaptic and apt since I had problems with saving documents in the Flathub version. That being said, AppCenter doesn't show my new Libre Office install, ...
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libreoffice themes in elementary os problem?

How do you get libreoffice writer to look good, I got the elementary OS style sheet and icons but it looks pretty ordinary, the galaxy icon set is an improvement but still looks ugly. Any help? Thx
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Installed Libreoffice by adding the Libreoffice PPA - now system is broken

I installed Libreoffice via PPA (ppa:libreoffice/ppa) and all installed fine. Running "apt upgrade" afterwards, everything was fine. Then after a recent update something seems to have broken and I ...
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