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How to fix problems with language installation?

After a reinstall of freya 0.3.2 I encountered a weird problem with the language installation. First, after installation there were numerous languages installed that I didn't choose during ...
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Can not install Japanese language [duplicate]

I'm trying to install Japanese language using last Freya release. Steps: 1) Hit + in Language&Region settings. 2) Find japanese or 日本語. 3) Double-click 4) Then the left bar becomes greyed out and ...
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Change (or disable) spell checker language in Pantheon Mail [duplicate]

Is there a way to change the spell checking language in Pantheon Mail from English to German (or any other language for other users)? If not, is there a way to disable spell checking for Pantheon ...
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Cannot change lockscreen Calender widget's language

I changed system language and regional settings to United States, top Bar calender shows English only. Yet the lockscreen widget for calender i.e next to log on screen it shows Arabic. Any workarounds?...
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Geary Spelling Checker for Foreign Language

I was wondering if there is any way to get Geary to spell check in a foreign language. elementary OS - Freya; Geary version - 0.10.0; User level - Rookie.
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Languages won't show up

Ok, so I'm trying to set my system general language to pt-BR, I already downloaded pt language pack with Language Support app, but no languages are shown on System Settings/Language & Region, just ...
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How to change the language of the date-time in the login page?

I am a Malaysian and so my location is Malaysia but I want to change the language of the date-time in the login page to English instead of Malay? Any idea?
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Change login language manually

My native language is Brazilian Portuguese. The system is correctly set, but the login screen remains in English, even if I apply pt-br globally in the settings screen. Is there a way to manually ...
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Cant login to my main account after System Update

I after a system update when i restarted my computer cant login in my main account. After i type the password screen goes black and throw me again at login screen. I can login with as guest. I loged ...
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Language & Region all options dispear

recently updates make this. (don't know which day it happend). click on + - nothing happen. did anyone have this problem?
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