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Moved to BugReport/SAVE Operations Result in Immediate Application Crashes Hera 5.1.7 (March 2021)

UPDATED 2021-03-21 Added New Diagnostic Information and Updated Title The problem still occurs and appears to be a serious issue with the elementary OS custom file dialogue component. UPDATE I thought ...
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Is there a whitelist for internet access in parental controls?

For young kids I think it is easier to start with only a couple of open web sites.
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Firefox title bar and tabs merge

Since firefox update to 57 none of hide titlebar addons work. Is there a way to merge title bar with tabs, so that lines in picture provided belove becomes one? I tried merging with firefox settings,...
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Firefox the only browser that doesn't display websites abnormal (dark)

Opera, Vivaldi and Chome all display pages with grey backgrounds and not white backgrounds. Even the images on the pages look like they are filtered through grey tissue paper. Firefox on the other ...
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How to install Brave Browser on Elementry OS?

I want to install Brave brower on Elementary OS, it is not present in the App Center or the official repos. I googled but I could not find something simple that I as a linux beginner (Noob😣) could ...
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Can I setup safe surfing in Epiphany?

I have Elementary installed and created an account for my son. I went into parental controls as admin hoping I could set restrictions for him on browsing or searches. There is nothing there other than ...
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Can the Loki version of Epiphany browser be installed in Freya?

I find the default Loki browser Epiphany to be an excellent choice in many respects, and surely not just by comparison to Midori; it is light (given RAM is cheap), fast and stable, and I can see it as ...
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