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Switching between audio devices on EOS.. Hotkeys? Wingpanel?

Im looking for an easy and quick way to switch between my audio devices, since i swap them daily. Headphones are conected to laptop, and speakers to monitor/hdmi. Every time i need to open sound ...
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ERROR: Dependency "wingpanel" not found

I'm trying to build the sound indicator, but I'm running into dependencies issues. I'm on elementary OS 5.1.7 Hera. I've cloned the wingpanel-indicator-sound repo. When building I'm getting this error:...
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No artwork shown for media played through Chromium

When playing media from sites like on Chromium (Chrome) it's shown in the sound indicator, you see thing like the title and you can control the playback. But the icon is always the ...
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Can't control Firefox media through the sound indicator or keyboard shortcuts

When playing media in Firefox, for example on it would be great if we could control this using our build in audio indicator or the audio keyboard shortcuts. But it looks like Firefox isn't ...
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Can´t access the default switchboard sound settings

Basically, I’m unable to use switchboard-plug-sound despite showing up in the switchboard, despite being installed, despite still working and having it's indicators. Once I click on it from the ...
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How do I uninstall stock music indicator?

I've uninstalled the stock music player (noise, I believe), however the controls above the volume slider remain. How do I uninstall them? I've tried dconf-editor but couldn't find anything relevant.
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Loki: Sound settings is not recognizing my audio devices, alsamixer is

In the wingpanel, the sound indicator icon is disabled (with an x in front of the speaker icon), even if I unmute/raise the volume up. alsamixer is working fine and recognizes my devices and audio ...
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AccountService.Sound bug?

Just installed the very latest version of elementaryOS today. Things went well, except for this annoying volume notification issue! Every 10 seconds, a notification pops up in the top right showing me ...
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Change volume control increments/ticks?

Is there any way to change the volume increment or ticks? With the default settings, the ticks are way too broad for my taste - one "tick" changes the volume by a large amount, I'd prefer finer ...
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sound device is not shown after purging pulseaudio

I installed pulseaudio-equlizer to increase the quality of sound in my laptop. But after installing it, when playing videos in vlc player sound volume got increased and got decreased from time to time ...
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Missing volume icon

Since a couple of days ago my volume icon has disappeared from Wingpanel. I know this issue has surfaced before, but the go-to solution (install indicator-sound) is of no use (indicator-sound ...
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Beep works but the bell character makes no sound

I need to use a beep sound in a shell script as follow: echo -e '\a' echo -ne '\007' But it does not work What could be the reason?
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Volume icon not showing in Wingpanel

I had a sound problem after switching volume from internal speakers to HDMI output, so I reset PulseAudio. After which the volume control on the top of the desktop bar (Wingpanel) disappeared. I have ...
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