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This is for any question about the images that represent applications. These images show up in Slingshot and Plank. Questions can be about duplicates, icon packs, low quality icons and more.

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How can I change the icon of an application in the elementary OS

I am using elementary OS freya. How can I change icon of a specific application in elementary OS. Is it possible ?
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Change specified app's icon

How can I change the icon for an specified app? I have installed Dota 2 but it shows Steam icon instead of Dota 2 icon, the right Doat 2 icons is shown when the game is running but not in plank. How ...
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How to combine the icons of different icon sets into a new one? [duplicate]

I would like combine two icon sets into one new icon set. Meaning I want the wingpanel icons (sound,battery,wifi,etc) and the application toolbar icons (geary,scratch,etc) from the default elementary ...
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Copying status panel icon for diodon

I've installed the clipboard manager diodon, a status panel applet I've used before with Ubuntu that works very well. The only annoyance is that in elementary it doesn't use a monochrome icon, but ...
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Google Chrome appears twice in slingshot

I recently updated Google Chrome and also encountered this problem. After doing a reboot I noticed that Google Chrome now appears twice searching for it in slingshot Edit: Attaching a screenshot
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Network icon missing in Freya wingpanel

I have tried everything in this thread and I have asked on Reddit but I am unable to get the network icon back. Please help.
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How do I remove the WIndows overview mode icons?

Half the time the icons don't show up and they take away from watching more than one video at once.
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Is there documentation on Icon Design for Gtk+ and elementary OS?

I'd like to design an icon set for elementary, but I'm not sure how to make them compatible with Gtk+, or what specifications are required. I'm a designer and have a lot of experience with Illustrator ...
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Add icon to show desktop

I need the icon to minimize windows and show desktop. I can't find a decent guide. Can you help me?
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Google Chrome no longer has an icon [closed]

I've always been able to fix any issues I've had with Google Chrome's icon by setting a StartupWMClass as described here, however as of today the icon broke completely, and StartupWMClass didn't solve ...
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All Icons from Plank dock have a strange behaviour after power outage

I'm experiencing a little problem after a power outage. When opening any app from the icon dock (Plank), these are opened at end and not pointing to same original icon. In fact, Sublimetext editor ...
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How do I change the icon size (zoom) in Files

How do I change the icon size in Files?
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Why is there a low-res icon on the dock when Spotify is running?

I installed Spotify client using the method from their official site. When I run it, however, a low-res icon pop out on the dock and is used to maximise/minimise the app instead of the original hi-res ...
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How can I replace a single App Icon

How can I replace a single Icon (In my case Inkscape and terminator) without interfering with my current Icon theme. Since I use the elementary+ Icon theme it has an orange Inkscape Icon and I don't ...
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List installed icon sets and themes

How can I see a list with the names of the different icon sets and themes I've installed in elementary OS? I can see them listed if I use elementary-tweaks, but that app is not maintained anymore and ...
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Is there a way to install custom folder icons?

I have several folders in my home folder that are just plain blue icons, which I feel are a little out of place. Is there an icon theme or tweak I can use to improve the look of my home folder a ...
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How can I change the Skype icon in the wingpanel to match the default style?

It'd be nicer if the Skype icon was smaller and white. Here's how it looks right now:
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One of my apps has a second, fuzzy icon in Plank. How can I workaround this?

I have a Google Chrome icon in Plank. After an update to Google Chrome, a second fuzzy icon appears every time the browser is opened: How can I fix this?
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