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Custom command to minimize current window

I need to set a hot corner to minimize current window. But the only default option is to maximise current window or set a custom command. I can't figure out the command line command to minimise a ...
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what command does elementary os use to maximize windows in hot corners?

What is the terminal command elementary os uses to maximize minimized windows? I know the parameters are to only maximize the active window if it is minimized and if it is maximized minimize it. so ...
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How to Search for an app by starting to type on the desktop While 'show all open windows' is displayed

How do I search for an app by starting to type on the desktop while the 'show all open windows' is displayed. e.g similar to gnome-shell top left hot corner in which you can just start typing an app ...
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Just installed DevilSpie created a hotcorner and the dock disappear everytime I use it [duplicate]

Just installed DevilSpie according to this topic: How can I view the desktop? The problem is, every time I hit the hot corner, plank disappears. How can I use the specific commands listed in there ...
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What is the custom command to "Show Desktop" for hot corners?

I wanted to have a "Show Desktop" like in the windows ( when I point the mouse to bottom right corner it will show the desktop )
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Lock screen on corner action (with timeout)

I have installed Elementary OS on my iMac 5k (17.1) and it looks stunning. However I'm missing a feature from macOS that I grew quite fond of. When I move the mouse into a corner of my Desktop the ...
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2 answers

How to minimize from active corners

I want to minimize a window through the active corners I only see that it can be done by means of a customized command, does anyone know what it would be? I would appreciate your help.
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3 answers

Hotcorner for minimize current window

This used to be an option in System Settings > Desktop > Hot Corners I don't see it in Juno. Why was this removed? I love, love, love this feature and it is the first thing I activate on a new ...
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Hot Corners modifier key

Is there any way of enabling a modifier key to enable Hot Corners? Some times I accidentally move my mouse to a corner, like when I want to exit full screen of a video, or close a window etc. It ...
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How to add "Show Desktop" icon in elementary OS?

I have installed nautilus to enable desktop icons in elementary OS Loki. It works fine but is there any way to add a button that can I use to click and show desktop? Like the ones in Windows at right ...
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2 answers

How can I set my top right hotcorner to open Terminal?

So, I'm completely new to Linux, and I have to learn the basic, but I can't make custom commands work in hot corners! Thanks for your help.
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1 answer

No file names in multi tasking view

When I open multiple files using other linux operating systems if I go the the hot corner and it is set to multi tasking all the files are displayed with a name under or above each file. If I do the ...
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1 answer

Workspace Switch Hot Corner

I'm trying to make my two bottom corners switch between workspaces. The solution I had in mind was to create a custom script which would switch between workspaces based on the argument you pass into ...
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How to set hot corners on a second display

I want a "multitasking view" hotcorner on my second monitor, but the hot corner settings only give the options to set them for my primary display. How would I accomplish this?
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What's the difference between these two 'Hot corners' options?

I can see in 'Hot corners' two options which apparently seem equal. In Spanish these two are called: Ver todas las ventanas Mostrar todas las ventanas They are the third and second to last options ...
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