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Questions tagged [home]

the home directory/folder is the "/home" folder off of root that contains user data

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automounting encrypted partition on boot: how to make init parse crypttab before fstab?

I’m running elementaryOS 6.1 and so close to getting automounting my encrypted partition on boot and throwing in the towel. first some context, I have /home in an encrypted partition that as a ...
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Accidentally erased .config

I accidentally erased .config Many programs disappeared, all files, disappeared Tried to recover data using RLinux and testdisk but with no success
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What are these files in my Home Directory?

I was cleaning up my home directory to free up some storage space, I came across these files are they safe to delete? ubuntu64 ubuntu64.1 Ubuntu64.2 Ubuntu64.3 When you check the file properties it ...
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Home Directory Folders Problems

I have noticed over time that some of the folders in the Home folder have started having the icon disapear and at the bottom right of the files window when I leave the mouse over the missing folder it ...
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I can access to elementaryOs files from outside and/or how to crypt the home folder

I need to hide my files, but from another Linux partition or linuxLive I can access to the files in the home folder. I don't want this. I also tried to set reading right off with chmode but anyone can ...
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home folder and its contents remain on the partition, after clean install for upgrade to Juno, but inaccessible

I wanted to upgrade from Loki to Juno, with a low bandwidth internet connection, and to save time and effort, etc. So, I tried to use the method from this link: Update from Loki to Juno stable? But, ...
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Is it possible to change the color of folders?

If you're in your home folder, you can right-click any of the folders and just under "Properties" are some colors. If you click one of the colors, it will highlight the text underneath that folder. ...
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How to get user home folder in Vala?

I am trying to make a Elementary OS app that I need to get user home folder. I tried GLib.Environment.get_home_dir () and Granite.Services.Paths.home_folder.get_path () but they both return null. What ...
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change default folder names to the new language

i see double folders in home dir. one in english and one in greek my native language. english didnt get replaced?
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How to change password of /home folder encrypting?

When you just change your password the passkey isn't changing (Maybe, it's a bug?). So, how to change it?
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can't login in the login screen [duplicate]

I use elementary freya. 3.16.0-77-generic 14.04.1 ubuntu. when I installed my laptop, i used the coded home folder. so now I have the following problem; I can't login in the GUI. My laptop was ...
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How do I put applications on the home screen? [duplicate]

Someone said in a video that it's currently not supported but, is there a way to put applications on the home screen and not just the dock? Thanks! Trace
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Read data from an encrypted /home directory

I have changed my laptop's hard drive for a bigger one, and because the installation of elemmentary was corrupted somehow (didn't start the OS) Now when I mount the hard drive as an external drive, I ...
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What is the default home folder and bookmarks structure?

I accidentally messed up with the structure of my home folder and the bookmarks in the sidebar. Can someone please provide me with a screenshot how the default home folder structure and default folder ...
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Is there a way to install custom folder icons?

I have several folders in my home folder that are just plain blue icons, which I feel are a little out of place. Is there an icon theme or tweak I can use to improve the look of my home folder a ...
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