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Buttons' Look in a Gtk.MessageDialog

Elementary's human interface guidelines specify how dialogs should look: In Valadoc, there is a minimal example on how Gtk.MessageDialog is to be used: Gtk.MessageDialog msg = new Gtk.MessageDialog (...
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Is there a way to have wingpanel change to a different color when dark mode is enabled?

I'd like wingpanel to be a light blue when light mode is enabled and a dark blue when dark mode is enabled. I tried using different colors in ~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css and ~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk-dark....
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Workaround: How to fix GTK theme issue installed from APT

I've installed Elementary Odin wanting to give the Elementary OS dark mode a try. I really liked the dark theme but was upset that when I installed a GTK application from APT not Flatpak it gives you ...
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How do I change app styles?

can anyone explain to me what I need to do in order to change the styles of a gtk application? For example I want to keep the elementary gtk theme but change a detail here and there so I go to /usr/...
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No icons on buttons on GTK# apps

I stack with the problem with mono app written on GTK#. I try to change org.gnome.desktop.interface buttons-have-icons to true which solve this problem in Freya, but it didn't solve problem in Loki. ...
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Is it possible to change the window border color of terminal in freya?

I just want to make the vim a.txt to black and the background color of the title bar and the tab bar to silver.
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How do I make Gtk Headerbars look okay in Elementary?

I know that Elementary has its own Headerbar style, but if you use any Gnome apps (as we all of course will), their headerbars often look flatly bad in Elementary, despite having nearly identical ...
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Unable to move Hdy.ApplicationWindow by dragging Hdy.HeaderBar in Vala

Trying to use libhandy and Hdy.ApplicationWindow instead of Gtk.ApplicationWindow in my vala based application made for elementary OS. My Problem While using Hdy.ApplicationWindow and Hdy.HeaderBar ...
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How to get GNU Emacs from Flathub work on elementary OS?

To avoid Emacs installed through AppCenter crashing on opening, solution was actually explained here. But AppCenter only offers Emacs25 so I installed Emacs27 through Flathub (built in AppCenter)... ...
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Missing title in GTK+ 3 Dialog

I'm writing a vala GTK+ application and want to add a modal dialog like this: var dialog = new Gtk.Dialog.with_buttons (_("My title"), this, Gtk.DialogFlags.MODAL | Gtk.DialogFlags....
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My elementary os Juno's top bar doesn't work with another theme

My Juno's top bar can't apply with any theme I copy from Downloads folder to /usr/share/themes. And I used tweak tool from philip.scott. What should I do?
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