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Questions about the graphics driver — system software that controls a computer's video adapter (aka graphics card) or GPU.

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Why is the window resize animation running slowly? [closed]

I'm running elementary on my desktop with Nvidia GTX460 graphic card and enough hardware power to run everything smoothly. Therefore it is very strange that when I change the size of my window, ...
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Problem with graphics

I'm using a Dell Latitude E6430, which is connected to a docking station. I have connected 2 monitors to the docking station and have a problem. When I I install elementary OS, one monitor (connected ...
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Switching to nvidia driver 346.82 makes my 2nd monitor to not work

I've tried everything, checked displays section, checked nvidia driver panel and can't fix it. If I switch to xorg driver it detects both monitors and works well. Output of xrandr Screen 0: ...
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Black screen after switching from NVIDIA to AMD videocard

I recently switched to a new videocard, but now I'm getting a black screen whenever I boot to elementary OS. I do see a splash screen before it goes black. How can this be resolved? Any help with ...
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Installing NVidia Drivers - Blank Screen

I'm going through the steps to install my GTX 970 Driver onto my Elementary OS system but when I run the following command, I get a blank screen... sudo sudo service lightdm stop I believe I am ...
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Steam games too slow [duplicate]

for some reason, Steam became too slow today. I already tried update and upgrade, but the problem is still there. I think that is something wrong with xserver-xorg-video-intel. Some informations: ...
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Black screenshots on elementary OS Freya x64 with AMD graphics drivers

Since I installed Freya on my PC every screenshot I take using 'print screen' key is black. I also tried using 'import' command with different options, but it only made opened windows visible on the ...
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How to install correct AMD drivers? [closed]

I've recently installed elementary OS Freya 0.3 on an laptop, but it doesn't run as smooth as on my desktop PC. It's sluggish while opening windows and especially switching pages in the application ...
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elementary OS boots into the command line interface [closed]

After upgrading the graphics card, the system does not start properly. It boots to black screen without showing up the user interface. Please help me.
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AMD driver installer not showing any text

I was following this link to install proprietary drivers for my AMD graphics card. As it says in the page, I downloaded the Catalyst Control Center from the AMD site and ran it. But the installer is ...
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Problem with Graphics/locking up [closed]

Sometimes, when the computer screen goes off, my laptop will flash the screen on black for a second, give me a cursor for less time that, and then go off. It then repeats this indefinitely. When I was ...
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Driver install AMD Radeon mobility HD 4330 - crash, remove driver, find the right driver

I installed the catalyst driver on my acer 3810T with AMD Mobility Radeon HD 4330. After looking for the right driver, and finding one (14.1), and installing, the system is booting, but after the boot ...
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Lag GUI - Problem with Graphic Drivers

I've got big problem with proprietary drivers in elementary OS. I installed fglrx but it's doesn't work. GUI is very laggy when I go to menu.. When i type sudo lshw -c video it shows: *-display ...
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Boot black screen after last update

After installing latest updates (I think nvidia drivers were updated as well) I can't boot anymore. I get a black screen no matter what I try: adding nomodeset to boot options, choosing recovery mode ...
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Installed fglrx from Software Center--screen goes black after login (monitor loses signal.) [closed]

I have elementary OS freya installed and updated--works great. Decided to try to fglrx from Software Center--kinda more glitchy than the open video drivers, but I wanted more FPS when playing online ...
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Visual problems after today's update (23 Jul 2015)

I have updated elementary OS one hour ago and I noticed really weird visual behavior with some elements. In Chrome, most of the times my context menu is black, but not always. When opening a new tab ...
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QtCreator crashes [closed]

Sometimes when a I run an app from QtCreator (version 3.4.2) the system freezes. I can move the mouse (it moves the cursor slowly and in small jumps) but I cannot do anything else. It's not even ...
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Why "Memory corruption" at boot time when enabling AMD proprietary drivers? [closed]

First of all thank you to all of people participating to elementary Os development. In order to stop switching to Windows partition to play advanced 3D games I am trying to enable the graphic card ...
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Black shadow under windows

Problem Almost every window from the core elementary os applications displays a wrong shadow (you can see exactly how wrong in the picture above). If I boot using software rendering (boot on secure ...
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Installing bumblebee on Freya

I'm using Elementary OS Freya with UEFI mode. My laptop has two graphic cards (Intel 4400 and nVidia 860 GTX) and it is getting very hot after using about 30-60 minutes. I tried to install bumblebee ...
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How can I install Intel HD Graphics proprietary drivers on elementary OS? [duplicate]

The intel graphics installer seems to be compatible with Ubuntu 14.10, and it wont detect elementary OS freya. What is the best way to install these drivers? I'm on a mac mini late 2012 with a Intel ...
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