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One of my apps has a second, fuzzy icon in Plank. How can I workaround this?

I have a Google Chrome icon in Plank. After an update to Google Chrome, a second fuzzy icon appears every time the browser is opened: How can I fix this?
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Chrome always asking for password in elementary OS Loki

I´ve just installed elementary OS Loki, and downloaded and installed Google Chrome from their website. When I turn off my computer, and restart, Google Chrome don't remember any password, not even the ...
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Chrome locks up when uploading images [closed]

My Google Chrome-browser suddenly locks up every time i try to upload any image. I've tryed uploading to canvas, facebook etc, but every time the image is done uploading, the browser locks up, and i ...
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How to solve broken Google Chrome icon?

Hi, can anyone guide me on how to solve this broken google chrome icon please?
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Google Chrome no longer has an icon [closed]

I've always been able to fix any issues I've had with Google Chrome's icon by setting a StartupWMClass as described here, however as of today the icon broke completely, and StartupWMClass didn't solve ...
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Video on Chrome freezing

I'm using Chrome browser. During video play eg. Youtube, picture is freezing but sound still goes on until I move mouse. After this it's ok for few seconds then again video is freezing. I have Intel ...
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No artwork shown for media played through Chromium

When playing media from sites like on Chromium (Chrome) it's shown in the sound indicator, you see thing like the title and you can control the playback. But the icon is always the ...
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google chrome stuck when watching video at full screen size

when i watch video in google chrome at full screen mode its stuck and not more working, in normal size its work without any issues but at full screen size freeze chrome and desktop! there is no ...
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tabs not showing in full screen mode in hera when using chrome

Full screen mode works fine in any other app, but in Chrome the tabs are not being displayed in the new Hera update Update: I realized that is also happening in other apps like the AppCenter, where ...
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