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Touch screen single figure or double finger gestures on inside specific window affect whole desktop - shouldn't do

Touch screen single figure or double finger gestures on inside specific window affect whole desktop. Still 1 image. Single finger gesture stroke on specific window. I want this to scroll the contents ...
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Good touchpad for desktop computer

Touch gestures look so compelling in Odin that I would love to navigate elementary this way. But I installed it in regular PC and don't know what piece of hw will have the required support / drivers ...
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multi touch gestures on elementary OS 6 Odin partially not working

I have tried a live OS and the 4 fingers have partial issues with them, they do not toggle maximizing for example and bunch of other features, but the 3 fingers (vertical, horizontal & pinching) ...
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mac like gestures in elementary OS

I came across this the other day: I have installed 'gestures' on my PC. But I cannot get the hang of adding new gesture commands ...
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How can I disable workspace switching with 2 fingers on touchpad after installing libgesture?

Here's my setup: Dell precision 5540 elementary OS Hera (up to date as of 12/17) In order to have a macOS like experience I installed lib gesture to switch workspace using a 3-finger gesture. ...
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Is the Apple Magic Trackpad 2 supported in Juno? With multitouch gestures?

I have read that Google engineers worked in an Apple Magic Trackpad 2 driver for Linux, back in September. Is this driver available in Juno? Can you use it with multitouch gestures support?
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Touchpad & keyboard (and other) problems kernel 4.13

When installing loki 0.4.1 (fresh install) everything worked fine,but after updating my laptop my touchpad (synaptics) does not respond to touch input anymore and also when holding down any key it ...
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How to enable multi touch gestures

I'm trying to set up three finger swipes to cycle between workspaces with no success. I installed touchegg and got some config files but couldn't get it working. After I run touchegg I get this ...
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Touchegg touchpad control

To make touchegg work, the gestures you do on touchpad are associated with an application. Example: touchegg.config <application name="All"> <gesture type="DRAG" fingers="1" ...
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Setting up OS X-style multi touch gestures on elementary OS

I have elementary OS set up on my 64 GB flash drive. For the last year or so, I've been (very happily) using OS X, and will likely continue to use it for a lot of work that I do. I'm very comfortable ...
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How can I enable multi-touch gestures on a laptop trackpad?

My laptop has the ability to read up to 4-finger gestures, but the functionality to map and use those gestures isn't included in Elementary OS. Is there any way I can do this?
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