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Gala is a window & compositing manager based on libmutter and designed by elementary for use with Pantheon Shell.

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How to change alt+tab behavior

I don't like the behaviour of the Alt + Tab shortcut, when changing between windows, how can I change to something like OS X where you see a line of icons rather than changing windows?
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Desktop displayed as a window

Just booted my laptop running elementary OS today and found the desktop in a window. Cannot move it, cannot maximize it. I can live with it but I don't like this at all. Has this happened before, do ...
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How to set the terminal to "always on top" in elementary OS?

I am trying to keep pantheon-terminal always on top. I installed gnome terminal also but I cant find any option to keep always on top.
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How can I disable the rounded display corners Gala plugin?

At all 4 corners of my screen there are rounded corners, but I want to use my screen normally and use all pixels I have. Is there any way to configure this?
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What is the keyboard shortcut to move across workspaces?

The key binding for moving an application to the workspace to the left or right does not appear to work. Shift + Super + Left / Right is listed as the appropriate binding in my settings -> keyboard -> ...
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Open Broadcaster Software and Shutter only capturing the background (eOS Freya) [closed]

Ever since I installed elementary OS, I couldn't get Open Broadcaster Software and Shutter working properly. They only capture the background. When asked Shutter to capture the wingpanel, it captures ...
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Delay during login after entering correct password in Loki [duplicate]

I've recently started seeing a delay (about a minute or so) after entering my password in greeter and the desktop showing up. I filed this bug ...
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How can I completely unbind the default "switch windows" keyboard shortcuts? [closed]

I like to use Alt+Tab (the default shortcut for "Switch Windows") inside a particular program¹. As a result, I would like to use Win+Tab and Shift+Win+Tab to switch windows instead. I've already ...
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Issue with starting gala

I've installed pantheon desktop over Ubuntu 18.04 but can't run it. Firstly I've tried to run it from LightDM just selecting it from drop-down menu, but after pressing "log in" it returns me back to ...
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How can I get multitasking / multiple workspaces to function in Loki?

Multitasking doesn't work for me, using Loki. I've tried three fresh installs -- no joy. Everything else works great. When I go to "multitasking view," I see only a single window, with no apps open ...
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