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Missing LUKS + LVM support for Odin (v6) installer

I'm trying to install Elementary OS Odin into a virtual machine with LUKS + LVM partitions set up and the installer doesn't allow me to config the partitions drive setup: sudo parted /dev/sda mktable ...
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How to reset the encryptor password?

So basically I have noticed that the keyboard layout was not set up correctly, and this possibly happened before I have set up the encryptor. I don't want to turn off the computer until I find a way ...
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How can I upgrade my dual boot to a full installation with drive encryption?

I have been using elementaryOS with dual boot for quite some time. I first installed eOS as dual boot next to my Windows installation in order to test things and not delete my Windows installation. ...
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I don't write my partitions please help me

After the update, access to my previous disks was disabled. and now I don't write these partitions. how to fix this error and how to write my disk partition?
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Disk Encryption Juno/Windows 10 - Dual Boot from separate hard drive

I have two separate drives with Window and EOS Juno. I'd like to encrypt both systems but want to avoid any booting issues. Any recommendation how this can be achieved? Model: SAMSUNG MZVLB512HAJQ-...
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Latest security update breaks encryptfs authentication screen

I applied the most recent security update to elementaryOS and I no long get an authentication screen when booting - the screen is blank. By chance, I typed in the correct decrypt password and was ...
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3 answers

Yubikey tutorial for elementaryOS

Does anyone know of a good tutorial for configuring elementaryOS with Yubikeys? I just bought a 2-pack of the Yubikey 5 NFC and would like to set up stuff like full disk encryption, lightdm login and ...
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