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fish is a user friendly commandline shell intended mostly for interactive use.

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How to Share the environment Paths between Bash, fish and zsh shells

fish Shell doesn't recognize the node command as well as zsh too. But the bash does, So How Can I Share Environment Path between all of the Shells
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Ctrl + Tab not working for Loki Terminal with Fish

I am using the latest Elementary 0.4 with Fish as my primary shell; Ctrl + Tab used to switch between the shell tabs is not working.
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Forgot to set bash as terminal before uninstalling fish

Well, as dumb as it sounds, I was having some trouble with Fish, and decided to uninstall it. The wrong way. I simply used apt-get remove fish without using chsh -s /bin/bash beforehand. So this is ...
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How to install Fish shell

For those who don't know what's Fish shell here's the home page I would like to install it and make it default. But under their homepage when I click on download I'm redirected to the ppa page. How ...
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