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Questions about the Firefox web browser on elementary OS.

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Firefox version not the newest

Why doesn't the AppCenter download the latest version of Firefox 49.0.1? Is there a way to install it?
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Firefox "Reader View" introduces static to my sound

When I open the Reader View in Firefox, it adds some disturbing static, whenever sound is played (e.g. youtube, music player, system sounds from the wingpanel...). Neither exiting the Reader View nor ...
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Firefox doesn't remember the last download location in Loki [closed]

I am aware this doesn't look like elementary-specific but more like a Firefox specific thing, but in fact I only see this with Firefox in elementary OS Loki. It didn't happened in Freya, it doesn't ...
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Firefox addons after update [Loki Beta] [closed]

I'm using the Loki Beta (Installed from Beta 1 and only updated apps). Today I've installed a few new updates to elementary OS and elementary Apps, after these updates I opened Firefox and I've found ...
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Firefox Filechooser Dialogs don't have a select/save button in Loki [duplicate]

I'm currently trying out Loki, and it's running quite fine as far as I see. Only real annoyance: Firefox is currently showing a bug. If I open a Filechooser in Firefox, no matter if its for saving a ...
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Why does Firefox keep creating a ~/Desktop folder?

This is more of a puzzle than a problem: Every time I start Firefox, a "Desktop" folder is created in my home folder (home/me/Desktop). I delete it, use Firefox, it comes back. Am I sure it's ...
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Why is Software Updater making me install all these FIrefox language packs, even if I don't have Firefox installed?

I'm using a clean install of Freya (made about a month ago), and suddenly Software Updater started including all these language packs. I had the same issue with a previous install of Freya; it just ...
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Freya crashes when exiting full-screen from youtube

As I exit out of full-screen from youtube, the picture on the computer is frozen. I can still hear the audio and the cursor can move but I cannot interact with the OS and the screen seems to be frozen....
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Is it possible to get rid of the title bar for Firefox?

It can be done in Fedora with the Gnome 3 theme: It should be like this: but it looks like this:
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How to add Firefox to Dock?

I installed Firefox by doing this: 1. wget 2. tar -xjvf firefox-42.0.tar.bz2 3. sudo rm -...
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Firefox and Libreoffice UI is broken

I had some troubles with my UI(like windows classic), can someone help me?
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How can I theme Firefox to suit elementary?

I undertand Midori is the default browser but have installed Firefox and would like to make it look nice. The theme most people seem to use is unavailable for Firefox 41. Any ideas on other good ...
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2 answers

Certain web content being blocked

For a few months now I've been having this issue where sometimes content from websites are blocked. A few examples are scripts being blocked so I'm unable to log in to certain websites, on Android ...
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Full uninstall firefox nightly

I tried a lot of commands to remove firefox, but when I install again, profiles continue on computer, but the problem aren't the profiles, the problem is some rendering problems, I can't see the link ...
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Firefox GTK3 build(s) not usable/working [closed]

I'm using firefox from this ppa: Just today I got Firefox 42 beta, which is the first version linked to GTK3 instead of GTK2. The ...
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Kernel 3.13.0-63-lowlatency - All up-to-date - Error at open firefox 40: Failed to load module "pantheon-filechooser-module"

After update my system and reboot, at open Firefox I receive this error return: [33] 05:57:27 sergio@freya ~ $ firefox (process:8010): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_slice_set_config: assertion 'sys_page_size =...
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Access Flash Player global settings (Firefox)

I am trying to access the Flash player global setting however when I right click it instantly closes the options and opens a new tab then goes to the Flash Player help site. On Ubuntu this issue can ...
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