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Questions about the Firefox web browser on elementary OS.

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Kernel 3.13.0-63-lowlatency - All up-to-date - Error at open firefox 40: Failed to load module "pantheon-filechooser-module"

After update my system and reboot, at open Firefox I receive this error return: [33] 05:57:27 sergio@freya ~ $ firefox (process:8010): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_slice_set_config: assertion 'sys_page_size =...
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How to remove firefox

I tried : sudo snap remove firefox snap "firefox" is not installed sudo apt-get purge firefox Package 'firefox' is not installed, so not removed when I click at "Applications/...
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The video only works on YouTube (Firefox)

In the firefox, videos work well only on YouTube and in advertisements before videos on other sites. The videos themselves on other sites are slowing down. The problem is only in this browser, ...
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Firefox 89.0 blanks the top of the viewport--but only installed from the AppCenter

I've been using the AppCenter versions of applications when they're available, figuring your devs made sure they worked with the idiosyncrasies of elementary OS. However, the recent upgrade resulted ...
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Resolving System Freezing / Crashes

For background, I'm new to Elementary OS, but have been using Linux (mostly Ubuntu) for over a decade as a casual user (not a power user). This is the first distro that I've installed on my desktop ...
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Hiding titlebar in Firefox?

Why are both close and minimize icons both on the left? Is it possible to make minimize icon appear on the right?
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Firefox issue - can't get updates (non curated apps)

I'm having issues with Firefox: It is a 'non curated' app, so when i try to select automatically update in the firefox setting, the toggle is greyed out and I'm told the app is managed by the system. ...
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Windows-like buttons in Firefox when on fullscreen mode

When I use Firefox in fullscreen-mode (by pressing f11) and I hover my mouse on the top of the screen to display the navigation/bookmarks bar, the app shows minimise/maximise/quit buttons that clearly ...
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Strange occlusions + cropping in Firefox

I am on elementaryOS Hera and have an interesting phenomenon where some blackish bar occludes part of Firefox's viewport: Also you can see that the viewport is cropped somehow (see the beige help box ...
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