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Questions about the Firefox web browser on elementary OS.

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Firefox right click issue

is anybody else having this annoying issue with Firefox? when I right-click the little window that pops-up clashes with the mouse, making it difficult to choose what to select.
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2 answers

mouse right click double clicks?

I have an annoying issue with Firefox and epiphany when I right click on a link to open it in a new tab, it does not give me the chance to click it, it clicks by it self I have to hold the right click ...
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2 answers

Can't control Firefox media through the sound indicator or keyboard shortcuts

When playing media in Firefox, for example on it would be great if we could control this using our build in audio indicator or the audio keyboard shortcuts. But it looks like Firefox isn't ...
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Video freezes when watching videos

When i watch videos on youtube using firefox or Epiphany the video freezes when i do nothing for a few minutes and i have to move the mouse so that the video continues it's a very annoying problem if ...
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2 answers

Firefox right button on selected text start Inspect Tool not right button menu

I test Elementary OS 5.0 (Juno). When I use Firefox and select some text press right button I get strange behavior. I do not see the menu but I see the Inspect tool from Firefox. My question is this ...
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Firefox 49.0 doesn't show words in italics on Wikipedia

I have encountered a weird problem with the recent version of Mozilla Firefox (49.0) on Loki. There seems to be a bug when displaying Wikipedia pages - words in italics are simply left out. See e.g. ...
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Firefox unresponsive after upgrade to version 65

Recently I installed the latest release of Firefox stable, version 65. Since the upgrade, Firefox is unusable. When attempting to load a web page, both through bookmarks and typed in addresses, it ...
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