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How I make my laptop running elementary OS display normally, rather than only a few shades of colours?

When booting into elementary OS 7 Horus (with disk encryption) on my laptop normally, the disk unlock screen is displayed. After entering my decryption key, it loads into tty7, where it briefly ...
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No Sound via Displayport [elementary OS 7 ; AMD GPU]

I got the issue, that I don't get sound via Displayport working for me. First of all the sounds work but not via Displayport. So eg. with headphones it's working. Also there is noch Sound for DP or ...
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Kernel panic when booting from USB stick to install 7

I'm trying to upgrade my laptop to OS 7 but I'm running into a kernel panic. This while I can boot into Ubuntu 22.04 created in the same way, booting from the same USB stick. I'm on a Dell XPS 15 9550 ...
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