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How to boot from existing LUKS partition? (dual boot)

I installed elementary os on my laptop that already has some OS's installed. The way I achieve this is; I have an efi partition /dev/sda1 I have a LUKS container in /dev/sda2 The LUKS container has a ...
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(Is it possible to find out) what caused or might have caused my encrypted home folder to get unmounted?

Two days ago while I was working with OpenShot video editor that was constantly crashing, my home folder got unmounted. When I tried to access my data there were only two files in my home folder: ...
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Elementary OS 7 Horus - LUKS Volumes support (disk encryption)

I am struggling with setting up LUKS Volumes with encryption for Elementary OS 7 Horus. I am using this tutorial:
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p7zip cannot be executed

The icon of p7zip does not appear in the applications, but if I type p7 in the search window, it says : execute "p7zip". I press it, and nothing happens. I had installed it with sudo apt ...
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I can access to elementaryOs files from outside and/or how to crypt the home folder

I need to hide my files, but from another Linux partition or linuxLive I can access to the files in the home folder. I don't want this. I also tried to set reading right off with chmode but anyone can ...
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Encryption of multiple disk partitions

Recently I have tested many many Linux distros, and I must say to me Elementary seems to be the best in all aspects. I would love to use it, but there is an issue that bothers me: I would love to be ...
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Disk size reported incorrectly after install with HDD encryption and replace empty disk space

During the Elementary OS installation process I checked the "Replace empty disk space" option in the disk encryption settings. After installation the disk size shows 109 GB free. Should the disk ...
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UEFI dual boot won't dual boot

I have a work laptop that had an encrypted partition with Windows 7 and I wanted to dual boot it with Loki. I installed Loki, but during the installation process it told me that I couldn't install it ...
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I have some features in mind about the perfect Linux OS: does elementary OS will answer to them?

I would like to know if the latest version of Elementary OS allows to: change the Mac address of the computer on each reboot change the Mac address every x minutes hide any folders (and subfolders) ...
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AMD Laptop: Boot sometimes fails

I seem to have fixed this issue and posting my answer below. TLDR: this seems to be common problem with AMD machines. I am stuck with a boot problem I struggle to narrow down: I installed elementary ...
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