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Eclipse won't start

I get this error when trying to run Eclipse. This is after installing Eclipse from the App Center on a fresh install of Elementary 5.1: !SESSION Thu Oct 01 22:09:06 CDT 2020 ---------------------------...
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Eclipse crashes elementary OS

I have installed Eclipse Oxygen from snapcraft (also attempted with the download from the official site). Eclipse launches, gets to about 25% complete on the load, and then elementary OS crashes, I ...
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Eclipse and Aptana Studio 3 not working; How can I fix this issue?

This is the error I get. I googled for an answer but none of those worked at all. JVM terminated. Exit code=1 /usr/bin/java -Xms40m -Xmx384m
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Installing Eclipse Neon

How do you install Eclipse Neon? Whenever I try to install Eclipse the install version is always 3.8 I don't know what to do. Please help me. XD
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Eclipse set theme system slow down [duplicate]

I'm using Arc darker theme on Elementary OS Freya and that made eclipse look horrible: So I tried to run eclipse with Arc dark theme so it look good like this: SWT_GTK3=1 GTK_THEME=Arc-Dark ...
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How can I add Eclipse IDE to the applications menu and dock?

I have installed the Eclipse IDE and I can't find its icon in application menu. How can I bring it to application menu and dock?
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Eclipse Mars (fresh install) won't run on Freya [duplicate]

I wasn't sure whether to post this on a more Eclipse/Java related forum but I thought this was a more Elementary OS specific question. Can someone help me make sense of this error? I need Java for ...
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Eclipse Mars freezes after splash screen

I'm having trouble running Eclipse Mars x64 on Elementary OS. I get to the splash screen and then my computer freezes I have to hard restart it. I'm using the Oracle JDK for Java 8.
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Eclipse freezes elementary OS

Everytime I try to run eclipse, my system crashes, it just freezes the screen and I can't do anything. I've already installed the JDK and Eclipse from the official websites, exported the var JAVA_HOME ...
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