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How do I clone the Installation ISO onto a DVD?

I have created an ISO using Rufus for a dual boot system, where there is already a windows partition present on 50% of the drive. However I cannot figure out how to get my older (asus VU43) laptop to ...
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DVR RW drive not recognized on my laptop [closed]

I installed elementary OS on my EliteBook from a USB stick, and I'm not able to see my DVD RW drive. Could you please help me? I tried listing ls /dev but nothing is visible... :-/ Thank you
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Can't install elementary os 5.0 juno - kernel panic using live usb or dvd boot

I am trying to install elementary os 5.0 juno from an usb and that didn't work. i have used differents USBs and Rufus and Unetbooting and nothing works :,v With a DVD is the same. Actually i have ...
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DVD Playback: decoding issue after libdvd-pkg installed

Followed instructions on How to play a DVD on Loki, but the DVD video would just not play decoded. The sound is ok. But the DVD menus and video content remain encrypted. Running: Elementary OS Loki 0....
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Unable to boot Elementary OS on Mac Mini- Freya 32 Bit

So, I've been trying to install Elementary OS Freya for a while now and realised I needed the 32 Bit version because Mac Minis have a 32 bit limitation for kernels. But when I tried the USB method, ...
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Will the developers add the option to automount external media & devices? [closed]

I, my family, my friends and colleagues have all abandoned Elementary OS for a return to Ubuntu for one simple reason: automounting of external media and devices. It isn't just the bother of have to ...
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I cannot play a DVD in any video player

Have tried everything. VLC no longer opens via GUI. Once I did get the dvd to play in VLC by opening it from terminal. I can only open from terminal now. This is what it says: gabriel@gabriel-...
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Will Freya automount media?

Will the forthcoming Elementary Freya automount removable media, optical discs and usb devices?
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Removable media options upon insertion in Loki

Is there a way to have a pop-up or other window prompting to chose options upon insertion of a CD or DVD (like 'Play with VLC' or 'Rip CD with Asunder')?
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