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dropbox does not works in elementary os 6.1+

Goodmorning everybody, pretending absolutely nothing i am here to ask you a solution to something that is to me, a real storage problem: is there a way or a software update that will make dropbox ...
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Dropbox icon missing in Elementary OS Odin

The dropbox icon is missing from the wing panel (system tray) in Elementary OS Odin. I got it working barely in Hera using solutions on this website but with glitchy UI. Has anyone successfully found ...
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Dropbox syncing isn't working automatically or lately on my Elementary OS 6 and 5.1

I have installed Dropbox through the app store of elementary os in 5.1 Hera (Laptop) and 6.0 Odin (PC). Dropbox syncing isn't working automatically or lately. I would like to have an icon of Dropbox ...
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difficult to know whether files got synchronized or not in a cloud service

I am using pCloud and Dropbox for uploading my files. Both services are installed in my computer running elementary OS 5.1.7 Hera. Whenever I add files in any of the service provider folder, there are ...
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Dropbox plug-in dont work. 5.1.5 Hera

What did i wrong? mohn@brake-old:~/Dropbox$ io.elementary.files ** Message: 09:11:14.490: Application.vala:50: Report any issues/bugs you might find to ** (...
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Dropbox icon missing in Juno [duplicate]

Dropbox icon is missing in Juno, and the Loki workarounds (Dropbox icon missing in Loki) doesn't work anymore.
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2 answers

Problems with Dropbox

I am having some problems with Dropbox. I have installed it but it doesn't open. There also a bad icon on that top What can I do ?
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3 answers

Dropbox "sign in" problem

I have had a lot of problems installing Dropbox on elementary OS. I finally did it, but now I can't log in to Dropbox. When I click the "Sign In" button, nothing happens. However, the "...
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Dropbox icon missing in Loki

I got a red circle with a crossed red line instead of Dropbox icon.
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